“An accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure the most effective treatment.”
Although most people feel that their doctor has planned the best treatment for them, many others may still want a second opinion to get better understanding of diagnosis and treatment options especially when they have a very serious or life-threatening disease or when the treatment is very risky or unfamiliar. Since new treatments are appearing very rapidly, making decisions can be very difficult when you need to choose between several treatment options.
Balsam’s main concern is to overcome the geographic barriers and offer its clients and patients the opportunity to benefit from international recommendations and advice provided to compare outcomes, and confirm appropriate diagnosis and treatment. We mainly target significant reassurance, peace of mind and confidence of our clients that we have helped them make the best choice for their health.

“Above all, Balsam believes that it is a patient’s right to seek a medical second opinion”
Balsam identifies the huge shortage in specialized medical centers that provide proper diagnosis and advanced treatment in some countries of the region where patients are struggling to get advanced medical service and clinical based research. Professional medical consultation from Balsam’s network of healthcare partners abroad is made accessible and Balsam’s clients are insured that best practiced health services are delivered through a variety of top healthcare services.