In critical cases, when more than one physician is required to study a medical case, BALSAM Health Services has a unique ability to provide clients with access to teams of doctors and specialists in different required fields of expertise through the best quality institutions and physicians worldwide.

Featuring the Second Opinion Service offered by BALSAM:

  • Credible. Top hospitals and medical clinics have been selected to offer BALSAM’s clients the best medical opinions and treatment.
  • Fast. Using the cutting-edge technology developed by BALSAM to professionally send documents and reports and x-ray images in a way which guarantees a faster access to Simple Second Opinion than traditional and basic ways.
  • Confidential.BALSAM and all its global affiliates adhere to the international HIPAA standards of security and confidentiality of patients’ medical records.
  • Internationally Standardized. Files and reports are up to global standards specifications and specifications.
  • Affordable. BALSAM has provided services through a variety of hospitals and clinics around the world in different tears of pricing in order to make this service available almost to everyone and everywhere.

Service Process

This model of second opinion consultation in BALSAM is usually provided through a carefully selected network of hospitals and international medical centers, and the language desired by the patient or his family, and in conformity with international standards of Second Opinion services.

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