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Interpreting your medical images is the first place where errors in diagnosing your disease can happen; medical research has shown that getting a second opinion can significantly reduce misdiagnosis.
With BALSAM you can connect to any doctor from our network and get a second opinion on your images, tests, and even biopsies. Not only will you and your treating physician confirm or correct your diagnosis, but you, the patient, will have a much better understanding of your disease.
A second opinion gives you peace of mind and the assurance that no important detail in your images was overlooked. Correct case interpretation will put you on the track to find the best treatment plan in a timely manner, helping you avoid unnecessary and costly medical treatments and procedures.
No. BALSAM’s report is meant only as a second opinion based on images, tests and information that you provide. Unless you proceed to do telemedicine, and allow our local doctor physically examine you while the other doctor is advising online. Therefore, no treatment should be solely pursued upon BALSAM’s report as this report must be accompanied by a telemedical appointment, through our local physician and your abroad physician; that is when we can proceed to determine your correct treatment plan.
Second opinion service is meant for patients who have already received a primary diagnosis from their personal physician and would like to get an independent second opinion to help confirm or clarify the diagnosis, reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and enables the patient, in partnership with a physician, to confidently chart out a required treatment plan.
Yes, you can order a report for yourself as a patient, or on behalf of any of your friends and family as long as you have the medical data with you.
You should have the following information on hand when ordering a second opinion:
  • The patient’s complete medical image history (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.) from the treating physician in an electronic DICOM format so that you can upload and send the files.
  • Additional medical information such as a description of any symptoms, previous treatments undergone, current medication and dosage and any other pertinent information that will help your BALSAM’s specialist properly assess your images to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.
BALSAM Health Services is an open platform connecting patients with top hospitals around the world. They set their own pricing for reviewing your medical images, allowing you a choice based upon experience, qualifications and expertise.
The price you will pay includes the processing fee for BALSAM Health Services.
You will receive your BALSAM report in English.
Should you like to have it in any other language, you will have to mention that in your request. Please note that there is an additional fee of 30 Euros per language translation to any language other than English.
Once your selected Health provider receives your complete request, the time frame within which you will receive your report depends on the response time of the provider/ hospital you have chosen. Our specialists base their response times, usually between 2-4 business days.
Each of the listed hospitals and clinics were identified as top-notch in their respective areas of expertise. At present, we are partnered with highly experienced health service providers from prestigious clinics across the world. .
Yes, you can get your radiology images re-diagnosed as well, just like any second opinion you order. Your diagnostic images must be available in a DICOM Format. You may already have them on a CD. If you don’t, you may request it from the institution where your imaging was done.
During your visit to Balsam, your images will be copied in order to be sentto our network radiologist who will re-assess the files. You will receive your second opinion report within 2-4 business days.
No. We cannot send the physical X-Rays scanned directly to our partner radiologist; they need to be in an electronic DICOM format.
If your images are found to be of poor quality, BALSAM will not be able to provide a second opinion report. Your will be advised to repeat the imaging procedure in order to provide high-quality images as required in order to receive your report.
Your uploaded data are received by BALSAM only to be kept in your personal profile for your future need and to be sent upon request to your selected hospitals. Your data is subject to international HIPAA standards of security and privacy. You can rest assured that all health providers have passed rigorous tests in his country in order to be trusted with patient’s personal information and is obliged to store all patients’ records in line with his country’s laws that adheres to international HIPAA standards of security and privacy.
Once your selected Health provider receives your complete request, the time frame within which you will receive your report depends on the response time of the provider/ hospital you have chosen. Our specialists base their response times, usually between 2-4 business days.
All hospitals and medical centers and clinics available in our network are the top ranked in their medical specialization; we are proud that our partners are world-wide characterized by long experience and expertise in their respective fields.
In this case, Balsam recommends that patients request a third opinion from another health institution that can confirm the medical case and assures the plan of therapy.
Yes. The report of BALSAM is signed and stamped directly from the hospital or medical center where the service is provided.

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