One of the major facts that names the services offered by Balsam to be substantial is to know that “Medical Errors cause nearly half a million deaths annually “, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported. This makes medical errors the third-leading cause of death in the world, right after heart disease and cancer.

"Getting the right diagnosis is a key aspect of healthcare: It provides an explanation of a patient's health problem and informs subsequent health care decisions. For decades, diagnostic errors, inaccurate or delayed diagnoisis, have represented a blind spot in the delivery of quality healthcare. Diagnostic errors persist throughout all settings of care and continue to harm an unacceptable number of patients," the IOM report stated.

Diagnostic errors are often incredibly harmful to patients as they may lead to delays in treatment, lack of treatment, inappropriate, or unnecessary treatment. This, in turn, can have physical, psychological, and financial consequences. Hence for and acting as patient personal advocate, Balsam addresses the need of international medical services and consultations and offer its clients the chance to compare outcomes, and confirm an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan as well. Balsam targets significant reassurance, peace of mind and confidence of its clients by helping them make the best choice for their health.

Balsam Services competing to cover health issues that are not covered by insurance providers:

Medical insurance basically offers limited coverage of local medical services ignoring consequences of frequent medical errors and limits consultation to the same local network, in order to secure their own financial benefits.
Balsam is focused on availing a “Neutral consultation” regardless any individual interests and benefits; a consultation which is based on high global standards of second medical opinion prepared by reputable medical institutions worldwide.
Out of the passion to help most patients who prefer to be locally treated, but simultaneously secure accurate diagnosis, and in line with the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda-which aims to achieve a world-class-healthcare system-, Balsam seeks to provide class services to fulfil the Government goals.

“To empower preventive medicine, reduce cancer and lifestyle related diseases ensuring a longer, better healthy life for generations.”

Balsam understands the need for a biased diagnosis away from the threat of medical benefits and pressure that is being practiced on patients during their treatment.
Assurance and peace of mind is worth a fortune for a patient who is in pain and confusion. However, Balsam’s membership is provided with an annual fee that suits all budgets. This membership allows subscribers to receive a second medical opinion service from Harvard hospitals free of charge, after providing membership card number along with required medical files.

Membership Categories:

  • Standard Package
  • subscriber receives a free second medical opinion service, from Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals in USA, related to any cancer case.
  • Premium Package
  • subscriber receives a free second medical opinion service, from Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals in USA, related to any critical medical case.
  • VIP Membership
  • subscriber receives a free second medical opinion service within 24 hours, from Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals in USA, related to any critical medical case, plus a free Pathology and Radiology Re-Testing and Report.

In addition to that, subscribers of all packages can benefit from a variety of discounts on Balsam major services such as Pathology Re-Test, Radiology Re-Report, Tele-Medicine Session, Off-Shore Treatment, Executive Check-Up, rehabilitation, and Cosmetic surgeries in Turkey.

Furthermore, Balsam membership also offer the subscriber substantial discounts on a wide range of services related to Health and wellness that are usually not covered by local insurance such as: Dental, Optical, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Plastic Cosmetics surgeries, Nutrition, GYM, Children Learning Difficulties, SPA, from several local licensed clinics, hospitals, and medical centers, through a well-known local network in UAE.

In order to help covering all family members, we have added a family subscription to each of the above packages, which gives the subscriber's spouse and children the opportunity to benefit from all services, as well as 50% discount for subscriber’s parents and parents in law regardless to their country of residence.