Considering the importance of radiology departments in hospitals which is due to its significant contribution in medical diagnostic on one hand and its financial revenues on the other. We trust that our PaxBox system will definitely help to improve the technical level and the performance of the radiology departments and in the same time save lots of operational expenses and thereby it will also increase technical capacity of the department and the ranking of the hospital in general.

Major Benefits of Using PaxBox

Image Sharing

In a fast evolving world, data has to be used, shared, and distributed with the highest levels of security and accuracy. Non-residing doctors, radiography specialists, and concerned personnel need access to the images and the ability to complete their reports without being onsite. Patients have the right to obtain their digital radiographies and reports, should they ever need a second opinion, or simply for proper archiving purposes.
With PaxBox, image sharing is easy, secure, open and unlimited.

Savings on Storing and Archiving

The amount of data being generated in the medical industry is reaching a critical mass. In addition to duplicating data for backup and recovery purposes, enterprise data must also be retained for years to comply with government mandated retention requirements. PaxBox stores, archives, updates and protects your data eliminating this burden from your company letting you focus on your clients.

Retrieving Stored Data

As hospitals, radiography centers, and companies accumulate increasing volumes of enterprise data, managing, accessing and retrieving this information cost effectively is a critical IT challenge. With PaxBox, your archives can be retrieved, handled, and forwarded (shared) within seconds.


PaxBox dramatically improves the performance of radiology department in medical centers and at the same time shows distinctive reduction in operating costs . The system is designed to be installed without any initial investment , simple installation fees, and zero cost of annual maintenance, updates and upgrades of the system that might be required in the future.

Disaster Recovery

Data and information are vital to any organization; valuable information has to be protected and cannot be lost under any circumstances. With dedicated cloud storage in multiple datacenters, PaxBox guarantees that your organization will not lose any data; and if disaster strikes, you can be back online in less than 60 minutes.

Professional Specialized Team

Balsam also provides a specialized team-field-visit to the hospitals to check the facilities available and provide appropriate solutions and offer additional features for this service.

International Standards of Quality

  • Full compliance with DICOM 3.0 (2007)
  • Full compliance with HL7
  • Full compliance with HIPAA

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