To support accurate and efficient diagnostic services and ensure that doctors are able to give an assured medical opinion, BALSAM Health Services offers its patients a local physician to facilitate and legalize telemedical communication with our network of medical partners.
Taking advantage of telecommunication and information technology, BALSAM believes that telemedicine is a potential source to reduce healthcare expenses and to improve healthcare service in the region. BALSAM's patients are privileged by access to translation services and facilitations of such medical sessions.

Featuring Telemedicine with BALSAM Health Services:

  • Communication with the best physicians and specialists in the world's most prestigious hospitals visually and audibly.
  • Direct and fast appointments with best medical expertise.
  • Updates with latest technologies and therapies with the help of the local doctor.
  • Professional medical interpretation of BALSAM’s local doctors during the appointments.

How does it work?

BALSAM is one of a kind provider of telemedicine in the region as its patients are privileged by the attendance and support of our local doctors.

More info

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